Carton Printer(PS/FG-280)

Corrugated Printer
The corrugated printer can provide more rapid and stability production rate and the cost efficiency project.
The Corrugated printer is suitable for manufacturer who needs large amount packing goods, such as most of the shoes industry. It will time saving machine by the smart computer control panel and well designed producing process. While using the corrugated printer you will find out several of it’s advantages. Therefore, it is apparently the most developed and new technology machine among the manufacture. .
The corrugated printer has fully automatic system for order set up and positioning. The operator can just simply set up the operation system by entering the order information; the corrugated printer will start to work with the material automatically. It has self detect system, which allows single employee to control the machine without much effort. The corrugated printer can provide an easy accessible entry for the first learner. .
The individual invertors control for upper and bottom lateral arms adjustment on the corrugated printer and the individual speed adjustment for bottom vacuum belts are also the special designation support the whole process smoothly. There is an air blower on the corrugated printer provided airflow to make the adhesion dry quickly, which helps the carton strong and durable for heavy loading propose. The gluing wheel of the corrugated printer can keep the glue amount within a limitation, which can help to reduce the usage of the glue; therefore the cost on the glue can be saved because of this function. .
The functions of the corrugated printer is really completed, like collect the dust device and dual remove dust device, vacuum belt section, counter ejector section. You can also order the corrugated printer as your own specification. We can provide a more customize machine according to your order.

  • max. maching speed : 250
  • production speed : 30~200
  • max. sheet feeding size : 880mm*2100mm
  • max. sheet feeding size (skip feed) : 1000mm*2100mm
  • min. sheet feeding size : 250mm*580mm
  • max. printing size : 820mm* 2000mm
  • min. printing size : 250mm* 580mm
  • max. slotting size : 880mm* 2000mm
  • min. slotting size : 280mm* 720mm / 280mm* 580mm(for offsetting size) / 280mm* 640mm(square box)
  • max. die cutting size : 880mm* 1900mm
  • min. die cutting size : 250mm* 580mm
  • max. folding glueing area : 880mm* 2000mm
  • min. folding glueing area : 280mm* 720mm / 280mm* 580mm(for offsetting size) / 280mm* 640mm(square box)
  • Feeding 1 : Equipped with Kicker feeder or Lead edge feeder for high feeding accuracy.
  • Feeding 2 : Use dust brushes/chamber/collector to achieve best performance of dust-removal for high printing quality. Dual feeding rolls provide smooth feeding without destroying flute profile.
  • Feeding 3 : Individual left. right side guides and backstop controlled by PLC.
  • Feeding 4 : Double strength locking system when machine is overall closed, provide stable running condition with high speed.
  • Printing 1 : Differential-eccentric reduction gear system provides light pressure loading extends lifespan of transmission gears.
  • Printing 2 : Vacuum transfer with tungsten carbide rolls overcome warped board and slippery boards, providing.
  • Printing 3 : Automatic zero setting with digital displayed : Motorized micro lateral adjustment of printing plate cylinder with digital displayed.
  • Printing 4 : Ceramic anilox roll with Chamber doctor blade system (Optional) for high graphic printing purpose and cost saving from ink amount.
  • Dryer 1 : Control of temperature and air volume can be preset by touch screen located at Vacuum Transfer control panel.
  • Dryer 2 : Equipped with board jammed detector.
  • Slotter 1 : Movable central knife designed for two piece joined carton production without dismantling any knife.
  • Slotter 2 : Dual lead screws designed with pre-creasing. creasing and slotting stands for parallel and accurate lateral movements.
  • Slotter 3 : Steel space collars allow for long lifespan of slotting knives and creasing wheels : Dust-proofed oil seals allow smooth and precise positioning performance of slotting and creasing.
  • Slotter 4 : Pre-creasing and knife designed at 1:1 ratio for preventing printing board messed up : Allow better creasing performance.
  • Slotter 5 : Quick set up device for offset pre-creasing (Optional).
  • Slotter 6 : Mounting device of hand/air hole die cutting mold (Optional).
  • Die Cutting 1 : 100mm Automatic lateral oscillating of hydraulic anvil cylinder.
  • Die Cutting 2 : Device of Polyurethane anvil regrinding allows better lifespan.
  • Die Cutting 3 : Device of speed compensation allows 1:1 ratio between PU an Die mold cylinders to achieve high accurate cutting performance.
  • Equipped with paper scrapes belt conveyor.
  • Stacker 1 : Available for control link with printing.
  • Stacker 2 : Equipped with hydraulic safety design prevents outrigger dropping.
  • Stacker 3 : Flap device for cartons squaring.
  • Stacker 4 : Paper scrape vibrator (Optional).
  • Folding & Gluing 1 : Fully automatic for order set-up and positioning.
  • Folding & Gluing 2 : Individual invertors control for upper and bottom lateral arms adjustment.
  • Folding & Gluing 3 : Inidvidual speed adjustment for bottom vacuum belts.
  • Folding & Gluing 4 : Equipped with air blower for quick adhesion of cartons.
  • Folding & Gluing 5 : Equipped with gluing wheel : Or Valco glue spray device (Optional) for glue amount deduction.
model no. ps/fg-280
macnine inner frame width 2400mm
machine size 880mm* 2100mm
finished blank max 2100mm
finished blank min 720mm+glue lap width / 580mm+glue lap width(square box) / 640mm+glue lap width
two panel max none
small panel(at trim) max 870mm / 855mm(square box) / 840mm(for offsetting size)
small panel(at trim) min 130mm / 145mm(square box) / 160mm(for offsetting size)
large panel(at glue lap) max 770mm / 855mm(square box) / 840mm(off setting size)
large panel(at glue lap) min 230mm / 145mm(square box) / 160mm(off setting size)
glue lap width max 50mm
slotting depth min 80mm
square box max 1000mm
square box min 290mm / 320mm(O)
sheet width(standard regjlareffed) max 880mm
sheet width(standard regjlareffed) min/vacuum 250mm / 250mm
sheet width(skip feed) max 990mm
printing area(width/ length) max 820mm* 2000mm