Corrugated Printer

Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd.'s Production was deep Corrugated Printer: European, American and Japanese printing of trust!
Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Is committed to providing higher efficiency, higher-quality printing corrugated boxes printing equipment to the needs of the printing press.
Of course, if you are willing to become Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Local agents, we are also very welcome
our believe by the Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Produced by Corrugated Printer you to be the best in local sales of equipment
Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., The production of corrugated boxes printing equipment, with Europe and the United States of synchronous functionality, price was more competitive!
Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., The Corrugated Printer is suitable for manufacturer who needs large amount packing goods, such as most of the shoes industry.
It will time saving machine by the smart computer control panel and well designed producing process.
While using the corrugated printer you will find out several of it's advantages. Therefore,
it is apparently the most developed and new technology machine among the manufacture
corrugated boxes printing equipment for Chyan. Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. 's characteristics are as follows:
1.high speed feeding table
2.fully automatic order set up and positing
3.individual invertors control for upper and bottom lateral ams adjustment
4.individual speed adjustment for bottom vacuum belts
5.equipped with air blower for quick adhesion of cartons
6.equipped with gluing whell: or valco glue spray
7.equipped with dryer for quick adhesion
8.equipped with flap squaring device for correcting
9.automatic carton counting, available for preset for preset with number of batch 10-25 sheets / set