Slotting machine

Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. 'S professional production Slotting machine manufacturer!
Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. Focus on the production of corrugated use in the Slotting machine
Now you see are: semi auto slotter
Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturing corrugated boxes printing equipment, more than 30 years of history
particularly suitable for: in the box like glossy paper carton box, towels carton box, napkins carton box, toilet paper carton box. Corrugated Printer, and other needs of the printing press!
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And our company can contact the International Trade!
Procurement Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd.'s Slotting machine manufacture of printing are: Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions.
So you can rest assured that the procurement Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd.'s Manufacturing Slotting machine On the semi auto solter characteristics are as follows:
1.feeding sides guides (left & right) 'guide and backstop are motorized control
2.motorized for 360 degree knives setting and positing
3.motorized and synchronized among all knives and creasing whells
4.motorized control for carton height fedding and equipped with vacuum system for better feeding with warped boards
6.slotting knives and creasing whells are hard-chromed plated and fine regring treatments
7.pneumatic auto skip board feeding
8.available for customerized dseign