Corrugated Folding Carton

Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. Is a professional Corrugated Folding Carton Manufacturers
our company holds the belief-""roession"", ""uality"", and ""service"" to develop hum-based and secure products.
our corrugated boxes printing equipment have developed their own transmission equipment, vacuum.
So that procurement by the Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. Produced by Corrugated Folding Carton's printing capacity to enhance effective, quality printing can also be effective to upgrade!
our produce corrugated boxes printing equipment can be customized. In accordance with the requirements of customers in line with local demand for manufacturing Corrugated Folding Carton
So you can have complete confidence in Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. Produced by Corrugated Folding Carton
Because our company manufacture corrugated boxes printing equipment, more than 30 years of history!
corrugated boxes printing equipment for Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. 's characteristics are as follows:
1.high speed feeding table
2.fully automatic order set up and positing
3.individual invertors control for upper and bottom lateral ams adjustment
4.individual speed adjustment for bottom vacuum belts
5.equipped with air blower for quick adhesion of cartons
6.equipped with gluing whell: or valco glue spray
7.equipped with dryer for quick adhesion
8.equipped with flap squaring device for correcting
9.automatic carton counting, available for preset for preset with number of batch 10-25 sheets / set