Folding Printing Presses

Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd.'s Manufacturing Folding Printing Presses have been a very good evaluation of the professional printing!
Chyan.Jye Industrial Co., Ltd. Focus on manufacturing more in line with the professional printing of corrugated boxes printing equipment and corrugated sheets printing equipment
Now you see are: semi auto die cutter
On the semi auto die cutter characteristics are as follows:
1.feeding sides guides (left & right) 'guide and backstop are motorized control
2.motorized for 360 degree knives setting and positing
3.motorized with combination between PU anvil and die mold cylinders
4.motorized for zero setting and positioning fedding and equipped with vacuum system for better feeding with warped boards
6.cylinder shafts are chrome-plated and fine regrinding treatments
7.pneumatic auto skip board feeding
8.100m / m automatic lateral oscillating of hydraulic anvil cylinder
9.device of Polyurethane erginding allows better lifespan
10.devices of speeds compensation allows: 1:1 ratio between PU and die mold cylinders to achieve high accurate cutting perfomance
11.die cutting sizes:
RDC 360 (1200 * 2400,1200 * 2700,1200 * 3000m / m)
RDC 440 (1500 * 2700,1500 * 3000,1500 * 3200m / m)
RDC 536 (1800 * 3000,1800 * 3200,1800 * 3500m / m)
12.available for customerized dseign
The folding printing presses we made the most efficient and flexible printing machine on the market, which have sleeve press with multi-substrate, and many printing capabilities function.
The folding printing presses can provide a total solution for the customer's request.
The construction and the function can be defined by your command.
The main product will the be frozen poultry carton box, frozen red meat carton box, frozen seafood carton box and other industry decision-making provides a highly efficient corrugated printing machinery.
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