corrugated folding carton for slotter(PS/PD/FG-400)

max.sheet feeding size: 1270 mm*2400mm
min.sheet feeding size: 350 mm* 600 mm
max.folding glueingarea: 1270 mm *2600 mm
min.folding glueingarea: 350 mm*760 mm
About slotter section:
1、Movable central knife designed for two piece joined carton production without dismantling any knife.
2、Dual lead screws designed with pre-creasing. creasing and slotting stands for parallel and accurate lateral movements.
3、Steel space collars allow for long lifespan of slotting knives and creasing wheels : Dust-proofed oil seals allow smooth and precise positioning performance of slotting and creasing.
4、Pre-creasing and knife designed at 1:1 ratio for preventing printing board messed up : Allow better creasing performance.
5、Quick set up device for offset pre-creasing (Optional).
6、Mounting device of hand/air hole die cutting mold (Optional).
About slotter features:
max.slotting size:1100m/m*2,000 m/m
min.slotting size:350m/m*760 m/m